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The Vatican began the bajocchi series

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The first and only papal series issued in this currency appeared on January 1st 1852. Like all classic issues, it is worth taking a closer look at.



Philately’s elite in Monaco

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The best of the Zanaria selection at the upcoming international stamp fair, Monacophil.



A 19th century-style first day cover

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Before first day covers came into fashion

Two examples of the 1 centesimo “Floreale” on a photographic postcard sent from Rome to Recanati on 1st July 1901: the day on which the first series from Vittorio Emanuele III’s reign made its debut, designed in the then-fashionable “Liberty” style. (more…)


Auction: our first results

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The first ever Zanaria Aste srl public auction has finished, with extremely satisfying results. Attendance was high, with more than 200 people in the hall, while a large number of offers were received by correspondence and by phone. This allowed Zanaria Aste to achieve sales of more than 60%. So the results were not only good but excellent, considering the current climate, and allowed those in the know to bag themselves some real bargains.



Welcome to the new Zanaria Website

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News from the Website

For those who already know it, it is no news. Though Zanaria is online with a brand new website: new graphic, new structure, new sections and easy to surf.


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